• 6 Tips to Maintain Your Lithium-Ion Battery Pack
    Nowadays, lithium batteries are found in a lot of devices, such as digital cameras, laptops, mobile phones and a lot of other electronic devices. If you want to maintain your battery pack and extend its life, we suggest that you follow the tips given below. These tips will also protect your smartphone and other devices from damage. Read on. Charge your batteries first Once you buy a battery pack...
  • Are Car Batteries Different From Boat Batteries
    A boat's electrical system starts with a battery that will supply the electricity for the boat. The system is usually 12 volt DC (direct current), but can be 6 volt, 12 volt or 24 volt depending on how many and what type of batteries the system is designed for. For this article, the system discussed is a 12 volt system. A boat's wiring is a two wire system. One wire goes from the battery to the l...



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